Executive Board Hall of Fame

Dafne – Founder

Daniel Fletcher – Former President


Bobby – President 2015-2016

Bobby Vo is a senior from North Canton, Ohio studying Economics at USC. He serves as President/ Captain of the Trojan Debate Squad’s British Parliamentary team. Outside of debate, Bobby is a member of Phi Delta Theta. As a second semester senior, he aspires to relax, have fun, and finish re-watching the hit television sitcom “Friends” before entering the workforce.


Tanay – Vice President 2015-2016

Tanay Chheda is a Sophomore from Mumbai, India studying Acting and Film. He is currently the Vice-President of the Trojan Debate Squad- British Parliamentary Division. Outside of TDS, Tanay spends his time equally between studying for classes and enjoying the other good things in life. He is part of the Cinematic Fraternity—Delta Kappa Alpha and loves watching movies. He wants to do a lot of things with his career but primarily intends to just follow the path his heart sets out for him. He is always willing to talk to anyone in need of help or advice.