Congratulations to Everyone Attending SDSU!

20 members of TDS: BP Team attended the Aztec Invitational at San Diego State University this weekend. Congratulations to Nisha Kale and Anshika Niraj for breaking to the semifinal round in a field of 40 teams, and to Anshika Niraj, Tim Nguyen, and Tanay Chheda for being Top 10 speakers overall. Also, special shout out to Chung Ming Zen and Sarah Chan for breaking as judges!

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Nationals Success

If you haven’t already congratulated Anshika, Niroop, Bobby, and Tanay for their performance at nationals a week ago now’s your chance. Go hunt them down on campus and berate them with compliments. Especially Niroop, because guess what? He won top 10 novice speaker at Nats! That’s huge because this is the first time anyone from the TDS: BP Team has ever achieved some kind of recognition at nationals. Hopefully, we’ll be even more successful next year!12980969_995019933921843_3707443_o

Stellar performance from all, even Bobby with that angelic glow in this picture.

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Dafne and Daniel Cup 2016

The annual USC BP Debate Team Internal Tournament was held this weekend! The tournament holds a special place in all of our hearts: it is named after Dafne our club’s noble founder, and Daniel our last president. A big thanks goes out to Dafne and Peterson for returning from their post-debate lives to judge our competition.

In the end the real stars were tournament winners Harper Hunt and Niroop Rajashekar #PFTW! Best speaker award was earned by the eloquent Anshika Niraj.

Have fun eating off of those finalist plates at the banquet!

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USU Western Regional Championship

Congratulations to all of the teams and judges that attended the United States Universities Western Regional Championship at Cal Poly! 64 teams from 14 universities competed for the title. USC’s teams included Tim Nguyen & Phillip Richards, Anshika Niraj & Nisha Kale, Kenneth Lee & Justin Bongco, Bobby Vo & Tanay Chheda, and Rebecca Hu & Dan Giles. Judges inclueded Noha Ayoub, Samantha Strong, Darwin Mendyke, and Tina Sayegh. Special felicitations go out to Justin for recieving 7th top speaker award at a 128 person tournament, and Noha for being such a stellar judge as to be chosen to adjudicate the final round. Motions spanned everything from Syria to executive pardons to arts education in schools. After such a long weekend filled with debate and team bonding, we can be sure that everyone is looking forward to spring break!

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Hart House Debrief

The female warriors of the USC debate team have returned safe and triumphant from the foreign land of somewhere in Canada.  This all female tournament provided our debaters a much needed forum to discuss current gender issues, which certainly still exist. If you see them, please ease them back into our patriarchal structure gradually. Congratulations to Noha Ayoub, Nisha Kale, Anshika Niraj, Harper Hunt, and Rebecca Hu for a job well done.

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Upcoming Women’s Championship


Pictured above: Canadian man jaywalking across the path of high tech moose

Help wish USC’s very own British Parliamentary Debate Team team luck this weekend as we compete at the North American Women’s Debating Championship. The tournament will be hosted at Hart House College in Canada! Provided they are able to thaw in time from the ice that will inevitably encase them upon arrival, teams Anshika Niraj & Nisha Kale and Rebecca Hu & Harper Hunt will vie for the prestigious title. Judge Noha Ayoub will also be in attendance. Stay tuned for updates!

The following weekend will bring more competition at Cal Poly SLO, with teams being posted soon.

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Point Loma Success

12733473_527668817404315_1212668108156080113_nAfter a weekend of physically taxing debating at the Point Loma Sunset Cliff Classic, our squad showed great success!
Congratulations to Anshika Niraj & Nisha Kale for breaking to the Semi-Final Round! Special Congrats to Nisha Kale for receiving a Top Speaker Award!
We hope to continue this great path to success and we look forward to having you all there with us!

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